Quality & Accreditation

Commitment to Quality, Safety, and Accountability

We believe we have a responsibility to our clients and other stakeholders, including the broader community, to provide high quality services and to effectively and efficiently use our resources.  We are committed to meet or exceed the expectations of our clients, our stakeholders, and the communities we serve, and to involve them in service planning and evaluation.

To this end:

  • All direct service programs conduct regular client and referral source satisfaction surveys.
  • The peer support and health education/information programs seek feedback from participants in their activities and events.
  • All programs participated in pilot of a Client Perception of Care tool and will be implementing it on an ongoing basis.
  • Quality assurance activities include staff supervision, performance appraisal, file audits and review of program service delivery activity.
  • Staff education and development are strategic priorities. Employees receive program and function-specific training as well as professional development aimed at achieving core competencies as well as building specialized knowledge and skill.
  • Board members receive orientation, education and resource materials aimed at increasing their governance knowledge and skill as well as their knowledge of the organization, its programs, resources and stakeholders as well as its accountabilities and the context in which it operates.
  • The organization actively contributes to system planning and capacity-building at the local, regional and provincial level.

HopeGreyBruce has developed a Quality Improvement Plan that formalizes its commitment to achieve specific goals and targets in five key quality dimensions: access, client-centred, effectiveness and integration.The organization and its programs demonstrate commitment to partnership and service coordination at the client, program and system levels.

View the Quality Improvement Plan.

HopeGreyBruce Achieves Accreditation with 99% Approval Rating

In 2016 HopeGreyBruce Mental Health and Addictions Services achieved full accreditation through Accreditation Canada, meeting 99% of the criteria to pass.

The accreditation program involved a two-year cycle of assessment and improvement, learning from educational resources, staff, client and family surveys, and on-site surveys administered throughout the accreditation cycle. HopeGreyBruce joins more than 1,100 other health care and social service organizations that have reached this top tier status, aligning them with the same high standards for service delivery as hospitals.

“Achieving such a high rating with Accreditation Canada confirms what we have believed all along about the programs of HopeGreyBruce,” says Sarah Cowley, Director of Operations and Accreditation Coordinator for HopeGreyBruce. “It is clear that our staff are providing excellent client service, with a strong focus on both quality and safety for our employees, clients and their loved ones, and the communities we serve.”

Achieving accreditation demonstrates HopeGreyBruce’s commitment to improving quality and safety in every aspect of their organization. Through the support of Accreditation Canada, HopeGreyBruce will continue to offer the safest, highest quality care to their clients and patients.

“This was an organizational effort – all staff were involved in the process of accreditation right from the start, and it is because of the dedication of all our employees that this achievement has been possible. I am extremely proud of our teams, and look forward to taking the next steps with them on our continuous quality improvement journey.”

About Accreditation Canada
Accreditation Canada is an independent not-for-profit Canadian Organization that has been accrediting healthcare and social services organizations for more than 58 years. They have over 1,100 clients at over 6000 community and facility-based sites in Canada’s public and private sectors. Accreditation Canada writes standards to help health care organizations focus on quality improvement. Surveyors use the standards to assess where organizations are doing well, and where they need improvement. Health care organizations use accreditation to guide them towards improving their services.

View the Accreditation Executive Summary.


In crisis?

If you are in crisis, please call 911 or go to your nearest emergency room.  You may also call the Mental Health Crisis Line at 1-877-470-5200.

Special Announcements
Three organizations that provide adult mental health and addiction services have been working together since 2015 to create a new, single community agency to enhance services for clients and families in Grey Bruce.
At HopeGreyBruce, our goal is to provide our clients with the best possible mental health and addiction services we can with the resources we have. We rely on our clients to tell us whether or not we are meeting that goal…whether we are providing the services they need…whether we are helping them. Your opinion counts – please let us know what you think we are doing well…and also tell us where we need to make improvements.
HopeGreyBruce News
Who should attend this series? This series of four presentations will be of interest to anyone who would like to learn more about mental illness. It will be of interest to people with a mental illness , family members, friends, neighbours, nurses, social workers, physicians, clergy, students, teachers, and other health and social service workers.
If you are a family member or friend of someone with a mental illness, these meetings may be of interest to you. Would you like to hear about the experience of other who have been there? Would you like to experience support from others who really understand? Are you wondering how other families cope with mental illness? Do you want information and resources to help you understand your role as a family member?
Would you like the opportunity to share experiences and activities with other consumer/survivors? Do you seek understanding in a safe and supportive environment? Are you interested in learning how othere individuals are coping with mental illness? Do you want more information and resources to help you better understand how to live with a mental illness?
Voice of Clients!
Hope is the only thing that keeps me going. I always go to bed at night thinking tomorrow is going to be a better day…not just another day. I wouldn’t have survived without the hope that I receive from the staff at the Markdale office.